PGP Encryption Issue

I need a solution

Hello all,

Our organization is currently using Symantec PGP Encryption software and a File Transfer Protocol Application called, Axway to received and send files through encrypted SFTP connections. And we found there are some several vendors/clients who cannot use our keys for some reasons such as cipers or algorithms that may be different. Or other issues. Has anyone encounter an issue with certain PGP compabilities and in what ways or how did you resolved that issue? We have some who uses PGP command line and they need to change their script/code to make it work. What other scenarios have you seen?

We have an issue where the vendor needs an email address in order to import the key. Many other vendors does not have that issue. Once we add the email address, the PGP Key Block has changed, would this affect the encryption and decryption process when delivering files?

Another issue is the vendor such as Workday is using their Integrated tool to encrypt the key but when sending the files it failed to encrypt and sign once it hits our Axway File Transfer Protocol Application.

Any suggestions and help in guidance would be appreciated!

Let me know if I need add any attachment.





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