ProxySG with Web Prevent DLP and SSL Visibility

I need a solution


I’m trying to setup up SSLV with ProxySG, while Web DLP Prevent already integrated with ProxySG. HTTP traffic get detected and blocked by the DLP through ICAP, while HTTPs traffic is not being blocked by DLP. I was reading the SSLV guide and ProxySG guide about any special configuration required, didn’t find anything tricky.

From the SSL Admin Guide:

– Both SSL Visibility and ProxySG appliances must have valid licenses with birth certificates installed in order to participate in SSL Offload.
– The ProxySG license should include the SSL feature.
– The ProxySG appliance must be running the SGOS 6.7.x release.
– The ProxySG appliance should be fully configured to process SSL traffic (SSL intercept rule set).
– The ProxySG appliance must be reachable at Layer2 from the SSL Visibility appliance.
– A load balancer, or any other additional device, cannot be configured in the active loop with ProxySG appliances

Any ideas?




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