Redirect emails.

I need a solution


I’m hoping I have the correct forum. I am a developer on IBM systems and have very limited knowledge of email systems. I do not deal with infrastructure or networks. 

There are three seperate IBM servers all which forward emails to message labs. One IBM server is our production system and the other two are development and test systems.

Basically we would like to know if it is possible for message labs to be configured to redirect emails that have been sent to message labs from a particual server/domain name.


Sent from IBM server 1, Production: This should allow all emails out to the web.

Sent from IBM server 2. Development: All emails from this server/domain should be redirected to development email accounts.

Sent from IBM server 3. Test: All emails from this server/domain should be redirected to test email accounts.

The above configuration would allow us to test email software on the IBM severs without the emails being sent to real email accounts.

Apologies for the terminaology I have used. 

Thank you for any help you can provide.





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