Remove Old Site Replication Target

I need a solution

Here is the situation (will try and be brief but detailed);

We have two sites (Local and Remote), with 2 SEP Managers each, for a total of 4 Managers (Local-A, Local-B, Remote-A and Remote-B).

Last year SEP Manager Remote-A was uninstalled and re-installed.  When it was reinstalled the Site Name was changed (RemoteSite).  We now have two Replication Partners listed under Local site (Remote and RemoteSite).  RemoteSite has successful replication, but Remote has a permanent Status of ‘Connecting’.

I think this is stuck because the replication partner was not removed before re-installing the Remote-A SEP Manager with a different site name.

Is there a way to remove that old site replication partner without having to reinstall SEP Manager on the Local-A server, or all the SEP Manager servers (i.e. maybe shut down all Managers and run a SQL script/command on the DB for Local-A to remove the old site name)?

Thanks in advance.



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