Report and Email on a particular JobTask error or failed

I need a solution

I see there is a report for “All Jobs/Tasks – Failed”.  I have managed to tie this report into an Automation Policy to run every hour and send an emailed report only on non empty data. However, what I need and am trying to do is the same but for only 1 specfic Job/Task Failed and NOT all.  I am not sure how to do this if anyone can help!

So to break this down what I am looking for .

  • Task ABC runs at its scheduled every hour.
  • If Task ABC is not success then send an email to ABC group reporting this specif task failed and its assiciated information (task/job name,date/time failed,error information etc..) and continue to run on schedule.
  • If TASK ABC is success do nothing no email just continue to run on schedule.


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