Rest API Groups multi page

I need a solution

Who can help me with this one? I need to report data from by SEPM server. Because the report function is not showing me what I need I started to word with the API using PowerShell.

I need to get at least a list form my groups wit thu number of ComputerAgents in it. Based on the example scripts provided by Symantec i’ve started to get information using this powershell command:

(Invoke-RestMethod -method get -Uri https://localhost:8446/sepm/api/v1/groups -Headers @{Authorization=’Bearer ‘+”MyKey”}).content | select-object FullPathName,numberOfPhysicalComputers

It shows me exactly what i need but because the api/v1/groups contains pages, I only get the info from the first page. How do I get the information from all pages? Hope someone can tell me.



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