Restarting DHCP Service Attempt X, Can I Skip This?

I need a solution

Hello, I just started using 3.2 (I am used to 2.5 and back) and I am having some issues trying to get a multicast session going. I want to image multiple machines through a switch using the multicast server, something I have had no problem doing in the past on 2.5 (note: this means there is no DHCP server on this little network). I am so close to getting things going with one issue, when I try and boot from my bootable I get hit with the “restarting DHCP Service Attempt X.” I have looked around and found that a lot of people say its a driver issue, so I added in all the NICs for my clients with no luck (Because there is no DHCP Server, I figured this would happen but tried it anyway). It works perfectly after ~20 attempts to restart DHCP when it just says failed. Is there a way I can skip that and jump straight to the multicast setup?



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