SEP 14 installation without human intervention – Silent installation. Win2016

I need a solution


 Trying to install SEP 14 on Windows 2016 in Azure.

I have created a box file for Windows 2016 and have been installing SEP 14

on a Virtualbox hosted Windows 2016 VM to test it out.

Seems to install well manually.

Our objective is to have this SEP 14 program install SILENTLY and with default  and a few non default options.

Ideally it would be great if there was a configuration file we could construct and the SEP installer will read this file for the 

on screen values needed for initial installation.

What we can’t have is any mouse clicking. Has to be silent.

The end result will be Terraform / Puppet installing SEP 14 onto Azure Windows 2016 VM’s.

Any help greatly appreciated.





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