SEP and Netbackup – Speed problems

I need a solution


me and my team have dueling with SEP and netbackup about the backups time and speed.

We use Windows 2008R2, SEP RU7 and Netbackup 7.6. Its under a Vmware 6.0 with 10gb ethernet cars 10gb nfs. 

Using this enviroment  with SEP Full we can do a  ~340 GB backup in 10 hours. Changing to “basic protection for servers” only AV module the time goes to ~5 hours. With no SEP installed (in media and client) the 340 GB is backedup on 1 hour and 30 minutes. ?

We used a exlcusion that came on AV policy to not verify files under backup, and also set a policy to exclude netbackup binary folders to let netbackup proccesses alone and not be bothered by AV.

How can i test if the AV is not scanning netbackup processes ?

Here:      we can see that Symantec has problems with servers that reach 

  • Average CPU utilization of 35% or more
  • Average TCP/UDP throughput of 300 Mbps or more
  • Use of NIC teaming technology

I wonder if anyone has gone trhough this could enlighten me?




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