SEPM 14.0 MP 1 Java Console – Failed to connect to server

I need a solution

We just recently upgraded our SEPMs from 12.1.6 MP 5 to 14.0.2 (MP 1), 3 servers running Server 2012 R2 Standarad and connecting to a SQL database on a cluster of two similar servers, and from my one machine I was able to connect fine through the Java applet.  However from another machine after the Java console is giving me the error that it is failing to connect to the server.

I tried with the IP, confirmed that all servers are in the Java sie exceptions, can telnet to 8443 and 8445.  Cerrt is installed properly and I can access through the web console without issue.  I restarted the SEPM web server with no result.  Both workstations are running Windows 7 Proffessional though the one it is working on is 32 bit and the one it is not working on is 64 bit.

A co-worker of mine can access the web console and the Java console however both are failing run any reports.  He is running windows 7 proffessional as well and I believe his has a 32 bit machine.

Our consultant has no issue as I did not on that machine at our other office.  He is also running windows 7 proffessional.

Not sure what to try next.



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