SSD Drives and Windows 10

I need a solution


When trying to create an image of this device, receiving error 11030, Invalid Source Drive

Methods Tried:

  1. Tried to create image Using GSS console version 3.2 RU7 – when the laptop boots into automation partition, it tries to initialize the boot drive but is unable to determine the boot disk.  It states it’s going to use the X drive.  Process fails with error 11030.
  2. Created a usb boot disk using Boot Disk Creator.  Booted off usb drive and started ghost64.exe.  Connected to Multicast session. On the screen to select the local Source Drive, it displays Drive 80 Location Local Model OS Volumes Type Basic….
    If we choose it and click on OK, the error is:  Selected drive has no partitions to clone (11093)

We are using a Dell Latitude 5591 with a Toshiba SSD drive on Win 10. Any help would be great!!



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