start-to-finish doc for adding domains

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Greetings all,

Just trying to figure out best practices for adding a new domain to our SEPM. I have found a few articles about adding the domain and how to administer the new domain but cannot find any (new) docs on from start to finish if there are any in existence. I understand there are singular articles (as the links below) but was looking to find a “walkthrough”.

What im hoping to find steps for:

I guess my question is:

  1. If i add a domain using the lnks above, how does the “adding of directory servers” differentiate between all of the domain controllers that I may need to add for all of our domains that I would like to administer? It seems as tho that wizard is an all encompassing setting…

We already have a second domain in place so I am able to flip between the two but all i can see is that the directory servers were added to that directory server list and then it “magically works” to pull info from that new AD domain into the new SEPM domain? Im not sure if you tell it what AD servers it uses for which AD domain during sepm domain creation. Im assuming that the sepm domain that you add would be linked somehow to the directory server you added. Maybe just by sepm domain name and fqdn/ip of the directory server?




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