Symantec.Cloud – Weird connection issue due to a port reconfiguration

I need a solution

Since the 25th of October 2019, we got a weird connection issue on one of our servers to the Symantec Cloud Server. Once you open the SEP GUI on the Server (2012), all is fine and green. Everything works fine and it says it is connected to the SEP Server. On the Symantec Cloud Server, the machine is shown as offline since the 25th of October 2019. The Definitions are shown as up to date thought. I contacted the colleague that worked on the machine, on what he did. He told me that he changed some ports for a merge, but that’s all the intel I got out of him.

The system is secured and running fine, but I want to fix that.

Any ideas which port/ports might be the culprit here? Which ports are needed for the Symantec Cloud Server to see the machines online status?



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