Symantec Email – PII Outbound Policy Match

I need a solution

I am a novice when it comes to Symantec’s system.  One of my user’s is unable to send a message because of a rule by Symantec (probably created by my predecessor). I have a couple of questions regarding the issue:

  • Can I override the system to have a one-time exception? Can I temporarily turn it off or allow the specific message to bypass the rule?
  • Are there any KB article(s) on the issue or training videos?
  • Since I am a novice, please mention anything else you think would be relevant to the issue and helping me resolve it.

I have contacted the company that Symantec’s Help Desk company (Aurea).  They are very friendly and helpful, but the process is very time consuming.  I was hoping to have remote session or a KB article on the subject, so I can learn about the issue and how to resolve it in the future.




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