Task shows -1003 failure code but actually succeeds

I need a solution

I am trying to create a package that will upgrade Crystal Reports. After many attempts the best approach was to create a policy that runs a package delivery task to move over the contents into the drivers folder and then run a .bat file to execute the setup.exe. The Policy runs as follows: Pre-download detection check for CR – Not Detected Downloading package for CR – Success Package Delivery Task – Failed Execute install command for CR – Not Run The problem is the task actually works. I can see all of the files in the drivers folder. after the package delivery task completes. The odd thing is then if I go back into AeXAgentActivate and launch the Application Task manually it then returns a success code and moves onto running the .bat script. Is there a reason I am getting a failure code even though the task completes and is there a way for the execute install command to run despite the task returning a failure code?



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