UAC issue with 14.2.4814.1101 on Win 10 PC

I need a solution

Hi all,

I have been slowly pushing out 14.2.4814.1101 to our machines.  Most are Win 7 and a few are running Win 10.  I have experienced no issues until yesterday.   We have one PC running Win 10 Pro 1903 with the Hyper-V feature enabled.  The PC is running one Win 2012 Server VM which is the SEP Management console.  The host machine was running 14.2.4811.1100 with no issues.   When .1101 was installed and the machine rebooted, I started receiving a red User Account Control warning:

“This app mas been blocked for your protection.  An administrator has blocked you from running this app.  For more information contact the administrator   mmc.exe”

I have received the error when trying to open the Hyper-V mmc console and going into other areas that use mmc.exe such as device manager.  I tried some of the suggested solutions I found on the web with no success.  Fortunately, I use Veritas System Recovery and was able to restore the disk image before .1101 was installed.  Here are the results of some testing I have done.

  1. I uninstalled .1100 and have uninstalled .1100 using clean wipe.  A fresh install of .1101 creates the UAC issue.
  2. If I sign in with built-in Administrator account, the error disappears.
  3. I created a new user with administrative rights and the UAC error continues.
  4. When I uninstall .1101, the problem continues.  I must restore an image back to .1100.
  5. As a control test, after uninstalling .1100 I pushed out .1100 again and it installs with no UAC issues. The problem ONLY occurs when .1101 is installed clean or as an upgrade.
  6. I removed the Hyper-V feature and installed .1101.  UAC error continues.
  7. I installed a “generic” unmanaged version of .1101 and the UAC error continues.
  8. When I try to uninstall .1101 it fails and rolls back.  Clean wipe occasionally fails too.  The only trusted recovery is restoring the .1100 disk image. 

Unfortunately, restoring an image takes approx. 40 minutes, so testing has been a slow, tedious procedure.  I get one test per image restore.  I will be creating a support case but wanted to throw this out for comments or suggestions.  I certainly hope I will not have to refresh Windows and start over.   I NEVER have had an issue with this machine until .1101 was installed.  A couple of weeks ago the pc was upgraded from Win 10 1809 to 1903.  Several other machines are running 1903 and .1101 has installed with no issues.



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