Using ‘Cloning Dock’ to clone a disk with “Whole Disk Encryption”

I need a solution


We have a rather slow 5400 RPM HDD with  Symantec Drive Encryption (powered by PGP Technology)

We wish to clone this drive to a faster SSD.

We have the Kingwin E-Z Dock 3 stand-alone ‘cloning dock’.  It is literally a “one button” solution – just plug in the ‘Source’ drive and the ‘Target’ drive, and press the red button. 

I’ve seen on the web that users using cloning software have to follow specific steps and set specific settings when cloning a drive with “whole disk encryption”.  

Since this product is literally a “one button solution” there is no ability to ‘set options’, thus we’re nervous to perform this task without further consultation from people much more knowledgeable and experienced than we are – hence I’m asking for advice from this forum/community.

Is there anyone who’s experienced in cloning a disk with “whole disk encryption” using the E-Z Dock 3 or another hardware solution like it?

Are there any known issues with cloning such an encrypted disk or advice/experiences people could share with us?

Thank you for your help in advance.




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