Version 10.7.0-5, Javascript in PDFs, DIR in XLSMs

I need a solution

Since the update to version 10.7.0-5, our SMG has been blocking email messages that contain PDFs with embeded Javascript   or XLSM files with “dir”  (whatever that means).

This is greatly impacting our business since a lot ot legitimate business emails have such attachments.

We want to block Javascript in emails, but we don’t want to block PDFs that contain Javscript.  

I have been trying to find a workaround, but nothing is working for me so far.

I even opened a case with Symantec Support and they suggested to create a higher compliance rule that would find and strip Javascriptfile.JS attachments, so that they wouldn’t be picked up by the subsequent rule that quarantines executables.  That didn’t work at all.



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