we cannot send emails to any server under clusterXX.eu.messagelabs.com

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


we cannot send emails to any server under clusterXX.eu.messagelabs.com


[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Sending email to SMTP server cluster8.eu.messagelabs.com, delivering mail from <a.volkov@ar-co.ru>
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Connecting to server cluster8.eu.messagelabs.com ( using local interface …
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Connected to SMTP server cluster8.eu.messagelabs.com
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Received greeting: 220 server-9.tower-262.messagelabs.com ESMTP
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Sending EHLO
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Switching connection to TLS
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Sending EHLO
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Sent MAIL command
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Got reply: 250 OK
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:49][20124] {smtpc} Sent RCPT TO: <aleksmorozov@azbukavkusa.ru>
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:50][20124] {smtpc} Got reply: 250 OK
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:50][20124] {smtpc} Sent DATA command
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:50][20124] {smtpc} Got reply: 354 go ahead
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:50][20124] {smtpc} Sending message body…
[15/Nov/2019 11:31:50][20124] {smtpc} DKIM: Inserting signature(id=5dce6273-0004fdea)

[15/Nov/2019 11:33:07][20124] {smtpc} Connection closed by remote host prematurely.
[15/Nov/2019 11:33:07][20124] {smtpc} Connection lost with server cluster8.eu.messagelabs.com: Connection lost
[15/Nov/2019 11:33:07][20124] {smtpc} Delivery to other mx servers was skipped

Tech.support kerio-connect:

Please contact messagelabs.com and ask if they can whitelist your server or increase the timeout for smtp.




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