Web browsing issue

I need a solution


I’m asking  your help regarding a web browsing issue. The packet shaper web page doesn’t open on any web browser.

However, I can connect through SSH and send some commands.

See below :

PacketShaper# version

  Version:             PacketShaper build 204779

  Product:             PacketShaper S200

  Serial Number:       0817330127

  Memory:              5.8GB RAM, 4GB System Disk total, 3.2GB System Disk available

  Copyright (c) 1996-2015, Blue Coat Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

PacketShaper# uptime                       

System up for 530 days 1 hours 46 mins 34 secs

PacketShaper# event log status

Event log status:       ok

Log file directory: /opt/bluecoat/ps/9.258/log

Maximum file size: 1152000 bytes (4000 event records)

Maximum number of archived log files: 4

Number of events in current log file /opt/bluecoat/ps/9.258/log/events:  0

I also tried to download log files but I can’t extract files with FileZilla or WinSCP.

Do you have an idea about this issue ? 

Thank you in advance.




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