Web pages not displaying properly

I need a solution

I have a deployment with two ProxySG S500-10’s outside of the firewall. All internal users get NAT’ed. External users are not. The proxies are native to the windows domain. All internal users are authenticated.

Web pages like MSN appear to load properly but when you browse to a page with a slideshow, you only see the first slide and can’t go past that. Also, the little icons for Facebook and Twitter and such are present, but just the color. No logo. We have not had a FLASH license until recently and it has not been configured in WCCP yet. Right now WCCP only addresses port 80 and port 443. There is an outrageous amount of <Unidentified> traffic. Over 75%

I’m trying to put together a cogent plan to address these issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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