When is SEP SBE actually EOL?

I need a solution

Hi all.  As a Symantec partner, I’ve been hearing for months now, perhaps even over a year, about how SEP SBE will be discontinued, with an expected transition plan to SEP Cloud.  I have been in contact with some Symantec management people in the past, and was really given the impression SEP SBE would have been gone, as of January 2019.  Yet it’s still around, still available to renew on.  Now for what it’s worth, in PMC I get an alert that I better upgrade all customers’ agents to a newer version by July 16, but that I believe is jus the new cloud agent and not representing a divergence from SEP SBE itself, though probably this is actually in preparation fro SEP Cloud.  

Anyway, I was hoping someone who actually gets clear information from Symatnec might weigh in on this, as I, a Symantec partner, do not seem to get clear communications on this topic.  grrrrr.



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