Windows 10 v1903, Dell Latitudes in Legacy BIOS Mode and SEE Issue

I need a solution

I have encountered an issue with SEE 11.3.0, Windows 10 version 1903 and Dell Latitude E5470, E5570, E7270, 5480, 5580 and 7380 laptops.  The issue occurs with  SEE 11.3.0 (and when the laptops are configured to boot in Legacy BIOS Mode with Windows 10 version 1903.  The issue does not occur when the laptops are configured to boot in UEFI Secure Boot On mode.  

When SEE 11.3.0 (and is installed and a user is registered, the laptop will boot to a black screen after entering credenials at the preboot authentication screen.  The only way I have found to recover from this is to boot to a USB device with the SEE recovery tools and decrypt the computer.

I opened a ticket with Symantec but it seems that they have not seen this issue.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?



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