Windows Security Center shows “Status Unavailable” w/SEP 14.2

I need a solution

We’ve encountered an issue with SEP 14.2 RU1 MP1 (14.2.4814.1101) on Windows 10 1803 where Windows Defender Security Center shows “Status Unavailable” for both “Virus & Threat Protection” and “Firewall & Network Protection”. If I open SEP, everything looks good, as expected, and opening the Windows Defender Firewall control panel applet shows the “These settings are being managed by vendor application Symantec Endpoint Protection”, as expected.

I’ve tried to do some research on this before posting; TECH247987 doesn’t appear to apply in this situation, as that’s for an older version. TECH255344 says to check the SepWscSvc and SymELAM services; SepWscSvc is running without error, and SymELAM is enabled but stopped. If I manually start the SymELAM service, the status messages in WSC don’t change.

What’s weird is if I open WSC right after a reboot, it’ll display an indeterminate progress bar (the animated “line of dots” thing) under both Virus & threat protection and Firewall & network protection for about a minute or two, then for about 15 seconds Firewall will go green and say “No action needed” and Virus will show “Threat service has stopped. Restart it now”. After that, it reverts back to “Status unavailable”.

It shouldn’t matter that we have a password set for the SEP client, right? Anyone have any ideas?



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