WinPE not Loading on NVME Windows 7 Dell Precision 7510

I need a solution

Sorry this is a repost. Realized today that originally posted this in the wrong area of the forum.


  I have spent weeks and countless hours trying to get this GSS 3.2 (and 3.1 before the update) figured out and I keep hitting roadblock after roadblock. I got this setup so our SATA desktops can image.

Here is what I have done and tested. So I started by trying to use WinPE 10 for the automation. Which as a side comment, I am doing an automation boot and not PXE, I am not against using PXE but I really don’t have a good starting place experience wise. This didn’t work out loading just about every driver from the Dell Driver pack and from their WinPE driver packs. As soon as the it boots to Automation and starts loading Windows. I get an error that the drive is not accessable.

Doing some VM testing from that point I figured out that UEFI boots with Windows 7 wouldn’t work with WinPe 10 or even 5. So I loaded WinPe 3.1. So with WinPE 3.1 and WinPE 4 they will go through the loading Windows and hang at the very end. I did most of these tests without loading most of the drivers. So to save some time during the exparement I pushed the automation to a usb stick. Used Dism to update the Wim file. I then did a test boot with the Thumb drive and successfully loaded into the automation. I then replaced the WIM into the installed folder on the desktop. Same result. I would hang at the end of the second cycle in “loading windows”.

Full specs are

Dell Precision 7510

4core i7

32GB of Ram

THNSN5256GPUK Toshiba 256GB NVME PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD

I219-LM Intel NIC



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