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Hello Readers,

We are migrating our On-prem ProxySG to WSS (Web Security Services) using ‘Explicit Proxy’ connection method. We decieded to manage the content filtering policies from our Management Center rather than using WSS service portal.

While refining the policies, we are observing many onboarding issues. Can someone more experienced with the product (WSS) help me understand following-

a) In UPE setup, can we manage the authentication policy for WSS from UPE(VPM)? Or authentication policies will be managed from WSS service ONLY. If later is the case, I do see any option to define authentication bypass policy based on destination URLs/Domains.

b) In UPE setup, can we manage SSL Interception policies for WSS from UPE(VPM)? Or, is will be managed “only” from WSS poral? In this case as well, I do not see the option to exempt the interception for specific destination domains/urls.



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