What log file can I request that will verify that a PHP upgrade took place and when it occurred?

Short version: what file can I ask a company who hosts my website to provide that will prove that they upgraded the server’s PHP and when they performed the upgrade? I believe the server is based in Apache.

I’m a frontend web developer working an in-house position. Some of the company’s older websites are developed and maintained by a third party which has proven to be less than competent and possibly untrustworthy. We recently paid a hefty sum for a PHP upgrade to the servers our site is hosted on in order to meet their requirements to keep the site running.

In the process of updating the WordPress installation that is hosted alongside the main site I’ve found that the WP install reports the PHP version to be 5.2.17 . This is alarming since the upgrade was to be to PHP version 5.6 by their specifications. I’m fairly certain the WP install is on the same server since it is run from a subdirectory on the domain.

So before contacting this third party I’d like to find out if there is any sort of server log(if that is even the correct term) I can request that would show that the PHP upgrade took place. Additionally it would be beneficial to receive an indication of when this upgrade took place to ensure that they actually did it when they said they did and not after the fact to cover their shenanigans.

I’ve tried all sorts of methods to discover the PHP version of the server myself including running numerous scans, trying to upload a file containing <?php echo 'Current PHP version: ' . phpversion(); ?> to the site and navigating to it, and even an (poorly executed) attempt to inject code into an image file to be uploaded to the site.

Any suggestions are welcome. I reason that since this is specific to server log files this would be the best place to ask, but if it should be moved to webmaster stackexchange let me know. Thanks!


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