Windows Update – translate Update GUID until Update "Microsoft KB" Number?

Am troubleshooting a complete windows update failure – on a brand new install, standalone Windows 2012 Server Essentials. Zero config, no existing infrastructure, “straight out of the box” setup.

Windows Update never gets going at all – but strangly have installed it in the past from this exact install media on this exact server.
Yet, now it fails. The only rational reason I can imagine is a new update has recently been released that breaks windows update for this OS version on a fresh install.

The last entries from the WindowsUpdate.log are:

2017-01-18  15:11:14:840     412    1424    Agent   WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installable rule, updateId = {E66A6795-3E20-43ED-9C66-FE134EEEECBC}.200, hr = 80070057
2017-01-18  15:11:19:324     412    1424    Agent   Bundled update {FBEC0F80-9F87-4B42-BA14-2BBE7148322A}.203 is missing extended metadata
2017-01-18  15:11:19:324     412    1424    Agent   Bundle contains children which has no localextended metadata and thus is invalid.
2017-01-18  15:11:19:324     412    1424    Agent   Update {B27CF4B3-0B7D-475D-9129-883E6DED6182}.203 is not a valid bundle. Not returning it.

Question: Does the above mean that there is a specific invalid/corrupted Update that the server is trying to fetch?

If so, is it possible to translate the hex/guid update ID codes ({B27CF4B3…}) into Microsoft KB Update ID? So one may research the specific update that is causing the problem?


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