WSRP portlet – get URL parameters and preferences

I am working on an application where I need following details accessible in the WSRP producer side.
1. URL query parameter
2. Portlet preferences

I have the portlets installed on IBM WAS 8.5 server; WSRP producer. Rendering environment is IBM Websphere Portal Server 8.5 consuming the portlets deployed on WAS 8.5 server.

Remote Portlets cloned and set to different preferences.

Remote Portlets are configured on a portal page, the page is accessed from another application, and it receives some critical info in query string.

I want to access the preference set on the cloned portlets and query string passed in the URL on WSRP producer side.

RenderRequest.getPreferences or RenderRequest/HttpServletRequest.getParameter dint help me to get the details from the consumer portlets.

I would appreciate any help on how to get preference and query parameters on the WSRP producer.



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