WSRP portlet – Preference and URL parameters

I want to be able to access the following items in the WSRP portlets.
1. URL parameters
2. Preferences.

I am working in an application where portlet is deployed on IBM WAS 8.5 servers, WSRP producer. On the rendering side, I have IBM Websphere portal server 8.5 consuming the portlets deployed on the WSRP producer.

Consumed portlets are cloned and have different preferences set.

The page where these portlets are configured/deployed is accessed from another website, and URL contains query parameters.

RenderRequest/HTTPServletRequest.getParameter, RenderRequest.getPreferences are not returning the values.

I want to access the URL query parameters and preferences on the WSRP producer side. I hope many of you might have encountered such situation. Could anyone help me to get this resolved?


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