Accessing NetScaler Gateway VIP Shows a Blank White Screen

Solution: 1

Copy the /netscaler/ns_gui/ directory from one NetScaler to another using the following instructions [assuming on (working) and (corrupt)]:

root@ cd /netscaler/ns_gui/

root@ tar -cvzf /var/netscaler/nsgui.tgz ./ns_gui/*

root@ scp /var/netscaler/nsgui.tgz nsroot@

root@ cd /netscaler/

root@ rm -R ns_gui/

root@ mkdir ns_gui

root@ tar -xvzf /var/netscaler/nsgui.tgz

Solution: 2

Perform a clean install of from 11.1 to NetScaler version 12.1.

After the build, create a custom theme based on X1 and then copy the theme files on top of the resolved issue.


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