After LB vserver changes state to disabled (down), VIP still responds to TCP connections (only in GSLB config)

ADC does responds with SYN+ACK, especially in GSLB cases.

This is the expected behavior if the following criteria are met:

– Is this vip a gslb LOCAL or GSLB VIP backup site

– And if its one of them, is the service either ssl or http

Under these circumstances we accept the SYN irrespective of the state.

This is because we want to take the connection and figure out the best way to respond to it.

An example is shown below:

The above criteria are met for

add ns ip x.x.x.x y.y.y.y -type VIP -snmp DISABLED -icmpResponse ONE_VSERVER -arpResponse ONE_VSERVER -devno 5

add server <server-IP> -devno 112558101

add lb vserver sf-lb-test SSL x.x.x.x 443 -persistenceType NONE -cltTimeout 180 -devno 472842253

add gslb service sf-gssvc-d01 x.x.x.x SSL 443 -publicIP -publicPort 443 -maxClient 0 -siteName d01 -cltTimeout 180 -svrTimeout 360 -downStateFlush ENABLED -devno 287014925


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