After Upgrade the Citrix ADC to 11.0-67.12 Access to Internal Resources Fails With the Following Message: “Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43531”

The following options will lead to this issue:

  1. StoreFront servers are load balanced on ADC.
  2. Load balancing IP used to load balance StoreFront servers is a non-routable IP. This means that you cannot reach the load balancing VIP from client machine or any other machine, or there is no route added on ADC for Load balancing VIP. For example if a ADC is in 10.x.x.x subnet and you configure the load balancing VIP in 192.x.x.x.subnet for which there is no route on the ADC.
  3. Gateway session profile pointing to load balancing VIP under “Published Applications” tab.

This issue is seen because of a design change from ADC 11.0-67+ builds, where when you add StoreFront URL in Gateway session profile, ADC will internally try to probe the load balancing VIP that is added.

In few cases the probe will fail as NetScaler is not able to find the source IP for probing non-routable load balancing VIP.

In previous ADC builds it was working as the load balancing VIP was not probed. This behavior was changed since the previous design occasionally led to crashes.


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