App Layering: Upgrading to 4.6 Fails to Complete, or Shows Database Errors, or Shows No Layers or Icons

While upgrading to version 4.6, the upgrade does not complete after several hours. If it does complete, after logging in, you see no layers or imag templates. And you will see errors like:

“System Error – ComponentActivator: could not instantiate Uni.Appliance.PersistenceLayer.Session.SessionScope”


(could not execute query

[ select folder0_.fldId as fldId35_, folder0_.fldType as fldType35_, folder0_.fldParent as fldParent35_, …


could not execute query

[ SELECT this_.ssName as ssName49_0_, this_.ssDataType as ssDataType49_0_, this_.ssValue as …

You may also see the error:

1.SCRIPT5022: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application An unexpected system error occurred. Retry the operation or contact technical support.

о System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncServices.<ThrowAsync>b__0(Object state)


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