App Layering: Windows 10 BSOD with Stop code: PFN SHARE COUNT with installing View Agent 7.4 or VMware Tools 10.2.0

There is currently no fix or workaround except to install older versions of the View Agent or VMware Tools. We expect any VMware Tools 10.1.x or below, and any View Agent 7.3.x or below, to work.

In version 10.2.0 of VMware Tools and View Agent 7.4, there were changes to the video drivers that cause problems in App Layering. Installing either of these in an application or platform layer leads to a BSOD of the packaging machine when you reboot. When installing View 7.4, we have seen the BSOD with just the “Core” of view. It did not need any other options chosen.

Please note that VMware View 7.4 (also called Horizon Client 4.7) requires VMware Tools 10.2.0:


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