App Shortcuts with Receiver for Windows

As a Receiver administrator, you can configure Receiver for Windows 4.x to automatically place application and desktop shortcuts directly in the Start menu or on the desktop .

Alternatively, where you have large numbers of applications that would clog the Start Menu or you have users wanting to choose their favorite applications, you can configure Receiver for Windows to enable the user to select the applications they want to see in their Start menu.

This article describes the general steps to configure Receiver to Application Shortcuts where you might want them. Detailed instructions can be found at Citrix eDocs – Configure Receiver for Windows​

A user has to subscribe an application if they want it to be present as desktop shortcut . To subscribe all the applications disable the self service mode. In this mode all apps are subscribed automatically. This disables the SelfService UI and all apps are subscribed automatically.

To subscribe specific applications ,administrator can use KEYWORDS in the application properties from Studio.


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