Azure managed VDAs are not powering off


NOTE: Disable the power management first and then run all the 4 commands mentioned above.

In order to disable power management, Please have the following commands run to disable the power management settings that is in place.

Once the following commands are run on the DDCs, apply the plan of action suggested above.

Run powershell as administrator and run the following commands

Add-PSSnapin *Citrix*

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “” -AutomaticPowerOnForAssigned $False

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “” -AutomaticPowerOnForAssignedDuringPeak $False

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “” -OffPeakBufferSizePercent 100 Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “” -PeakBufferSizePercent 100

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name “” -ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse $False


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