Best Practices for Upgrading NetScaler or NetScaler Gateway Appliances

This article details some of the best practices for upgrading the NetScaler and NetScaler appliance. If you believe there are additional best practice steps recommended for upgrading the NetScaler or NetScaler appliance, please provide us your feedback so we can continue to evolve and improve the quality of the article.

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Validating Data Integrity

Recommendations before performing an upgrade of the NetScaler

  1. Time allocated for upgrading NetScaler appliance
    • Follow your organization’s change control procedure.
    • Allocate twice as much time to perform the upgrades.
  2. Update each appliance separately.
    • Allocate enough time to upgrade each of the NetScaler application.
  3. Evaluate your companies support agreement.
    • Document appliance serial number, support agreement, and contacts details for support from Citrix Technical Support or the Citrix Authorized Partner.
  4. Download the latest NetScaler firmware.
  5. Backup files.

Important: It is high recommended to review the following procedures and have an action plan in the event the update does not complete on the NetScaler appliance.



  • Back up the customization folder. This is usually under /var/customizations. Customizations can be for example a logon page with a logo.

    After you have copied the customizations folder, you have to delete it from the NetScaler, before you upgrade. Upgrading with the customization in place will cause issues.

    Note: Customizations are out of the scope of the support.

  1. It is a best practice to upgrade to one Major Release at a time. Do not upgrade directly to the latest version. For example if the NetScaler is on 10.0 and you want to upgrade to 10.5, you will need to upgrade to 10.1 first then to 10.5.

  2. Verify the upgrading procedures with a test environment.

Validate the Integrity of the NetScaler Appliance before performing an upgrade.

Important: If you have a NetScaler hardware appliance, we highly recommend running Fsck to running a disk check and validating the integrity of the NetScaler hard drive. In the event of an error, reset the hard disk drive and repeating the disk check command. If the error message reappears, contact Citrix Support to further investigate the behavior.

  1. Validate the disk integrity of the hard drive using fsck command.
Note: You will not need to run fsck on a NetScaler appliance running on (SSD) Solid State Drives.
  1. Validate the Integrity of NetScaler Appliance using the Diagnostic Bundles files and uploading the logs to Citrix Insight Service for analysis.


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