Change ShareFile Email Address

Change ShareFile Email Address (or add a secondary)

First, Navigate to Settings > Personal Settings > Edit Profile.

Click Add Alternate Email and enter the desired email address.

ShareFile will send it a confirmation email containing an activation link. In order to use the alternate email address or make it your primary email address, you must click the activation link in the confirmation email. If you did not receive the confirmation email, or your activation link is expired, return to the Add/Edit Email Address section and click the Send Confirmation Email link to resend the confirmation email.

Once you have clicked the activation link, sign back into your account. This is a great chance to use the new email address you just verified.

Return to Personal Settings > Edit Profileand clickClick Make Primary to the right of the email address.

Note:- Refer CTX247727- Change ShareFile Time Zone , to know the process of changing the time zone in ShareFile


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