Citrix Files Mount failures due to Exception error 0xC0000002 or 0xC0000022

If Citrix Files still doesn’t mount properly, please gather logs for troubleshooting

1. Get a list of installed applications with version:

A. Open command prompt as Administrator

B. At the prompt, specify `wmic` and press Enter

C. Specify `/output:C:InstalledPrograms.txt product get name,version` and press Enter

2. Get a list of running services

A. Open PowerShell as Administrator

B. Run `Get-Service | where {$_.Status -eq “Running”} | Export-Csv -path “C:services.csv”`

3. Send the logs from Citrix Files for Windows

A. Open Citrix Files Help Window

B. Click the Send Logs option at the bottom of the page

C. Make a note of the reference log ID

4. Please attach all files and log ID from Steps 1-3 into an email and send to with the subject: CFWIN 1775 mount issue


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