Citrix license programs registration guide


  • All Licensing programs require a Citrix account to register.
  • Creating a new account does not automatically create a new license program registration.
  • Citrix Licensing Programs only allow entry into one single active licensing program agreement at a time.


Citrix Licensing Programs consist of three different programs:

  • Enterprise Licensing Program, which provides discounts on purchases over a specific amount and level
  • Easy Licensing Program, which provides electronic licensing with no discounts.
  • Education Licensing Program, which provides discounts for non-profit Education entities.

For more information on these programs, please contact your Solution Advisor or visit our Licensing Programs page on

My Account Navigation Steps for Customers

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. From the home page, select Licensing Program Registration.
Continue to step 5.

My Account Navigation Steps for Partners

  1. Log on to Partner Central.
  2. From the home page, hover over or click Licensing and Renewals, then select Licensing Program Registration.
  1. From the Licensing Program Registration page, select Enterprise Licensing, Easy, or Education.

Enterprise Licensing Agreement Procedure

To create a new Enterprise agreement, follow the steps below.

  1. While on the home page, select Begin registration.
  2. Select Parent Company.
  3. Select the Primary contract administrator by clicking the radial box next to the persons name and click Continue.
  4. On the next page, there are several options to choose.
  • Add Contacts
  • Add Affiliates
  • Complete Registration
  1. To add a contact, select Add Contacts.
  2. Fill out the form; Red Asterisks (*) are required fields.
  3. When form is completed, select Add Contact. Upon seeing the new contact record on the next page, select Continue.
  4. You can add more contacts by selecting the Add New Contact again.
  5. The next page allows you to complete your registration by clicking Complete Registration at the bottom of the page.
  6. The next page shows the contract information and provides two other steps that you can take immediately or later. These 2 options can also be found on the home page under Manage Registration.
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Publish Registration

This option streamlines notification of new contracts to a partner by making notification part of the process of registering a contract. It also allows the chosen partner to administer or manage the customer’s contract and provides them immediate access to the contract number and other information so they may place an order immediately. Publish Registration also allows customers to remove a partner or send notification of an existing contract to a new partner when the customer has not yet chosen one.

  1. Select Search for a Reseller in the middle of the page.
  2. Choose Country, State or Province, and enter partner name in the Name field, then select Continue.
  3. Select the radial box next to the preferred partner of choice (if more than one appears).
  4. Select Continue and Continue again.
  5. Add the e-mail address of the contact at the partner company you wish to receive the contract information notification.
  6. Select “Send Now”, this refreshes the page and shows an e-mail was sent to the e-mail address entered in the Email Address field.
  7. Select Finish. This brings the user back to the home page of the Licensing Program Registration where additional boxes appear allowing customers or partners to manage other aspects of a contract.

Manage Registration

  1. Upon completion of registration, the second option available is Manage Registration.
  2. Select Manage Registration, this brings you back to the home page of the Licensing Program Registration.
  3. In this section, a customer or partner may Manage Affiliates or Publish Registration.
  1. Manage Affiliates: This link allows parent companies to add affiliates to their contract. This is different from the Register>Affiliate Company in that this is where a Parent company adds affiliates to the contract, whereas Register is for an affiliate to add themselves to a parent company contract.
  2. Publish Registration: This link allows a customer to publish their contract information to a preferred partner.

Note: Only a customer sees this view and can publish registration information to a partner. When a partner contact sees this link, it is because their company also owns a contract. For instructions, see the Publish Registration information above.


Register>Affiliate Company is for affiliates to add themselves to a parent contract. Contacts who log in with a username associated to the Parent company should not use this option.

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Manage Contacts

Manage Contacts allows customers and partners to manage Primary and Secondary contacts on a contract and add contacts to the account.

Note: A partner must have been provided the rights (published) to administer their customers contract prior to being able to change contacts.

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To change the Primary or Secondary Administrator:

  1. Click Primary Administrator or Secondary Administrator.
  2. Deselect current contact highlighted as Primary or Secondary contacts.
  3. Select new contact by clicking the radial box next to their name.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. You may add a new contact by selecting Add New Contact. You may also add a new contact from the home page by selecting Add New Contact in the Manage Contacts section.

Manage Affiliates

  1. Click Manage Affiliates.
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  1. Select Add Affiliates.
  2. Add affiliate customer ID in the field with the asterisk (*) and select Continue.
  3. Select appropriate choices by clicking the corresponding radial box and Continue.
  4. The next page shows the contact information. Select a contact to be the person who receives notifications for their affiliate contract and select Continue.
  5. The next screen allows a contact to confirm their selections and select Continue.
  6. The next page shows affiliate just added and allows addition of another affiliate or to go back to the home page, if finished.

Removing a Preferred Partner

Customers may want to remove a partner they have previously selected or not choose any at all. Choosing or not choosing a partner is up to the customer and not a requirement by Citrix.

  1. Select Publish Registration on the home page.
  2. Select the radial box next to the partners name on the next page.
  3. Select the Remove button.
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  1. You have the ability to add another partner or none at all. If none, select the Finish button and return to the home page.

Enterprise License Program Resources

This section brings users to the Licensing Programs page, which provides additional information on licensing programs.

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Program Overview

The Program Overview takes you to the License Program page on, where benefits and other important information is found. It also provides links to Citrix Delivery Center solutions. All links, once selected, open a new window.

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Enterprise License Program Terms

Select this link to view the program terms.

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Affiliate Registration

The following steps provide instructions on how affiliates can add themselves to a parent Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA).

  1. A contact from the affiliate company needs to log in to My Account.
  2. Select the Begin Registration link shown below.
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  1. Select Affiliate Company.
  2. Enter the Parent Company ELA Registration number (contract number) in the first field and Parent Company ID (account number) in the second field and select Continue.
  3. The following page shows the Parent company registration information and requires you to select the Yes button to continue. The No button allows you to cancel the registration and start over, if needed.
  4. Select the Primary contact from the list provided by checking the radial box next to the contact and select Continue.
  5. The following page provides the contacts Customer ID and ELA Agreement number. Notice the contract number is the same as the parent contract with a -02 at the end, this designates that contract as an affiliate. This concludes the registration. You can select Manage My Registration or continue to work within My Account.
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Education Licensing Program Registration

The Education Licensing program is solely for Education entities.

  1. Select Education.
  2. Select Register Now.
  3. A brief explanation of the program appears on the following page, we recommended reading this information. Once read, select Continue.
  4. A verification page follows providing the contacts company information. Verify the accuracy of the information and select Continue.
  5. Select a Contract Administrator from the choices shown and select Accept Choice. The system shows all contacts marked Current in the account.
  6. You may add a new contact by selecting Add Now, filling in the appropriate information and when completed, takes you back to the same page with the newly added contact shown.
  7. Select the Secondary Contract Administrator and click Accept Choice. As in step 4, you may add a new contact by selecting Add Now.
  8. The following page requests verification of company information. If correct, select Complete Registration, if inaccurate; select Go Back and Edit Company Information just above the Complete Registration button.
  9. Upon selecting Complete Registration in step 6, you can send notification of the new Education Registration information to a partner of your choice by adding the e-mail address of the partner contact and selecting Send.
  10. The following page shows the confirmation e-mail sent. Select Exit Registration to go back to the Education Welcome Page.
  11. Upon completion of the Education registration, select Exit Registration. On the page that appears, select Continue to view the Education contract number.

ELA Contract Re-registration

If you have an existing ELA contract and attempt to create another one, you receive the pop up message below. This same notification appears if you try to open a new Education Contract and already have an Easy or ELA agreement.

The example below shows what happens if a user tries to create another contract. This example does not apply to an Easy contract.

  1. You select Begin Registration.
  2. You select Parent Company.
  3. The message below appears stating an ELA contract already exists and does not allow you to continue.
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Easy Contract Re-registration

The example below shows what happens if a user tries to create another Easy contract.

  1. You select Begin Registration.
  2. You select Parent Company.
  3. The message below appears stating that an existing Easy contract already exists and if the user continues registering, the system deactivates the existing Easy contract.
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  1. Select OK to continue, which creates a new ELA contract agreement, or Cancel.

Additional Resources

For assistance in North America, call 1-800-4Citrix (800-424-8749), 24×7 or visit our Customer Service support site to open a case. For International contact information, click here.


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