Citrix SD-WAN Software Feature Cheat Sheet

• 6K nodes in multi-region

• GCP support for VPX/VPXL

•SFP Y-Cable HA (210 and 1100 only)

• HDX reporting on user-level for SDWC

• O365 PAC file automation

• Palo Alto Prisma API auto-configuration

• Inband Management: Allows you to use the SD-WAN data ports for management, which carries both data and management traffic, without having to configure an addition management path.

• Static LAG (Link Aggregation Groups) – LACP Mode 1 [active-backup] providing fault tolerance

• Standby Metered Link Enhancements – Disable if Data

Cap reached option is introduced

• Cloud Direct Service available with SD-WAN Center (410, 210 and 1100 only)

• Routing Enhancements


○ Protocol Preference (Prefer BGP over OSPF or


○ Routing Statistics enhancements

○ New AS PATH Length import filter (for route


• Security Admin role in SD-WAN Center – (Sec Admin

Has the read-write access only for the Firewall and

security-related settings in the Config Editor, while

having read-only access to the other sections)

• Packet Capture on Multiple Interfaces from

appliances and Center

• 210 SE LTE Auth enhancement – A new

Authentication input field is introduced in the APN

settings form. There are 4 possible values for this

new field – None, PAP, CHAP, PAPCHAP.

• Change Management optimization

• RBAC management in SDWC


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