Citrix Webcam not supported in x64 application like Google Chrome or Microsoft Teams

Webcam redirection is not supported in 64-bit applications with XenApp / XenDesktop 7.16 or older. This was fixed on 7.17 and Receiver 4.11 for Windows.

Also, note downloading Google Chrome and installing – you may note that the application appears in the folder:

C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication

User-added image
Which would normally indicate that application is 32bit; however, checking Task manager displays as 64bit application:

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Capturing a CDF trace and observe that similar information is logged on the VDA CDF trace when a 64-bit application attempts to use a webcam (aka Media capture)…

112496 0 2017/04/09 09:44:12:15668 3036 4020 -1 HostMMTransport IcaMMTransport::Connect 9 Error [Id=1] IcaMMTransport::Connect: Media capture is not supported for 64-bit applications.

Install *Google Chrome for business* available now as Chrome MSI 32-bit to resolve the issue.


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