Configuring Citrix StoreFront with the Secure Browser Service

How do I get the Secure Browser Service Tech Preview?

Once you have successfully signed up for a Citrix Cloud account, log on to the portal at

Request a trial for the Secure Browser Service as shown below. You should receive an email approving your trial within a short time.

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Installing Citrix Cloud Connectors

Installing Citrix Cloud Connectors is a prerequisite to configure your on-premises StoreFront to integrate with the Secure Browser Service.

You should be able to see the ‘Resource Locations’ tile at the very top of the Citrix Cloud portal page. Click on Edit or Add New

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and follow the instructions at:

Configuring StoreFront

This the final step to integrate your on-premises StoreFront to the Secure Browser Service.

  1. Add a new store by following the instructions at:

    Note: Do not configure any settings for this store.

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  2. Download the PowerShell script attached to this article and execute the following:

    .AddSecureBrowserToStore.ps1 -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath /Citrix/Store –Connectors “connector1.adtraining.lab”,”connector2.adtraining.lab”

    Important: It is important to use the same name as the store created in step 1 in the VirtualPath parameter. For example, if you created a store named “SecureBrowser”, your VirtualPath will be “-VirtualPath /Citrix/SecureBrowser”

    Note: Ensure your PowerShell execution policy is set to Signed.

    Verifying setup​

  3. Log on to the Citrix Cloud and navigate to the Secure Browser page by clicking on the Manage button.

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  4. Publishing an unauthenticated browser by following a few simple steps:

    1. Select the Manage tab in the Secure Browser administration UI page

    2. Select Publish Secure Browser.

    3. Select External UnAuthenticated and click Next.

    4. Enter a friendly name, an externally accessible URL (such as, and then click Done.

    5. Click Publish.

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  5. Logon to your on-premise Storefront and you should be able to view the published browser and launch it similar to other XenApp applications.


Only web apps published with the Google Chrome on Linux (Tech Preview) are enumerated by StoreFront. Other browser types are not supported for this Tech Preview.


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