Connector Sharing

Connector sharing allows you to share files stored in on-premises Network Shares and SharePoint locations, as well as other file storage services like Dropbox or Box. When sharing on-prem files, a copy of the file is uploaded to the sender’s File Box.

This feature allows you to:

  • Share on-prem files securely via the Email with ShareFile or Get a Link options, without granting recipients access to your on-premises storage location.
  • Share files stored in other file storage services via the Personal Cloud Connectors feature.
  • Share files stored in a Connector with IRM protections. Click here for information on Protected Sharing. (This capability requires StorageZones Controller 4.2 or later)

System Requirements

  • StorageZones Controller 3.4 or later (if sharing on-prem files, not required for Personal Cloud Connector sharing)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 installed on the StorageZones Controller Server

Plan Requirements

  • This feature is available for Enterprise accounts

User Requirements

  • To share a file from a connector location, you must be an Employee user with the “Use Personal File Box” permission.
  • An Employee user’s ShareFile Username must match the user’s email address in Active Directory.
  • Users must be on the same Windows Active Directory domain as the StorageZones Controller.
  • Client users cannot utilize this feature.

Enable Connector Sharing

View Only Support

  • In order to share a file from your Connector as a View-Only message, you must have a View-Only enabled File Box.
  • Click here for more information on enabling View-Only Sharing.
  • This feature requires SZC v3.4.1 or later.

Share a File from Connectors (Web App 4.6 and later)

Navigate to the Network Share or SharePoint location where your file is stored. To share, right-click a file and choose Email with ShareFile or Get a Link.

This feature allows you to share on-premises files with the same customizable Notification and Security message options available for files stored on ShareFile servers. The Expiration Policy you set in Message Options will override that of the File Box. When sharing on-premises files, your file is copied to the File Box where it is subsequently downloaded by your recipient. Your recipient does not download files directly from your on-premises storage location. Due to this behavior, please allow your file time to upload to the File Box when using the Get a Link option.

Note Regarding File Version

Your file is copied to the File Box when it is sent. Due to this behavior, your recipient will receive the version of your file as it was at the time of the share. Updates to your file are not automatically uploaded to the File Box. If you update your file, you must compose another message to send the latest version of the file.

Supported Apps

Connector Sharing is supported on the following ShareFile apps:

  • ShareFile for Android v4.1 and later
  • ShareFile for Windows 10 v4.1 and later
  • ShareFile for iOS v4.0 and later
  • ShareFile Web App v4.6 and later
  • ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook v3.9 and later
  • ShareFile Desktop App v1.4 and later.

Note Regarding Restricted Zones

A user cannot use this feature if their File Box is located on a Restricted Zone.

Note regarding Users Provisioned by XenMobile

User accounts provisioned by a XenMobile server do not receive File Box access. ShareFile recommends provisioning users via the User Management Tool or manually enabling the “Use personal File Box” permission for each user.

Known Issues

  • If the user attempting to share from a CIFS Connector has an on-premise File Box, the share may fail. In the event of this error, ShareFile recommends using NTLM authentication.


  • Folders cannot be shared using this method


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