Create a ShareFile Form Template

Forms are now created as part of Workflow creation. ​Click New Workflow from the Custom Workflows dashboard to get started.

Customize a Workflow

Provide your Workflow with a descriptive Title and select a location in your ShareFile account where you want the Workflow to be stored.

Form Creation

Clicking on “Start building” will provide the user with the Trigger option. Here the user needs to select “A form is completed” option to get the Form Set Up option.

User-added image

Clicking on “Set Up Form” will provide the user with two options, one to create a new form and the other to Start from an existing form which is present in another workflow.

Selecting “Create a new form” and clicking on Continue will provide the user with Form Builder view which consists of Header and Pages

Customize Form Header

Click Edit in the Header section to add a Description to your form. You may also customize the branding of your form if needed.

Clicking on Add Field will provide the user with customizing the fields they wish to add to the form

Customize Form Fields

You can add multiple fields (questions) to your form. Click on the Questions box to customize your form –

You can designate a specific field as a Required field, or add help text or a description to assist your recipient in completing the form. Different field types may include additional field-specific options.

When you’re finished creating your form, click Next: Manage Settings. Review the settings for your form and click Enable Form to save your changes. You may now add your new form to a Workflow Template.

Kindly refer to the Manage Access section in this article for more steps on how to manage settings on your workflow –

Note –

If a user Disables the workflow, then all the associated in-progress forms get greyed out with an error symbol being displayed next to them and their status gets updated from “Draft” to “Not Available”

Forms associated with Disabled workflows will no longer be displayed under “All Forms” tab until they are Enabled again. If a user enables a disabled form then all the associated in-progress forms get updated to “Draft” state from “Not Available” state. User will be able to Submit all the in-progress forms.


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