Delete Users from XenMobile Database

For XenMobile environment 10.4 and below, we do not have the option to delete the user from the console. You will have to delete the user from the database manually.

Use the following SQL query to delete all rows associated to a single user within XenMobile Server.

Important! Ensure to back up the database PRIOR to making any changes.


SET @name = ‘username’;

delete a from dbname.dbo.user_key a inner join dbname.dbo.users b on a.userid = where b.addlattr2 like @name;

DELETE FROM dbname.dbo.users WHERE dbname.dbo.users.addlattr2 like @name ;

DELETE FROM [dbname].[dbo].[SECURITY_PRINCIPAL] WHERE [FULL_PATH] like ‘%’ + @name + ‘%’;

DELETE FROM [dbname].[dbo].[useraccnts] WHERE [name] like ‘%’ + @name + ‘%’;

// For deleting the user certificate from the database in case of certificate based authentication use the below command.

Delete from [dbaname].[dbo].[KEYSTORE] where name like ‘%AgUserAuthCredential=UPN%’; // Give UPN of the user in place of “UPN” .

For XenMobile 10.5 onwards, the AD users can be removed from the console itself.

-Navigate to the Manage> Users tab>

-Select the user to be deleted

-Click on the user and you would get the option to Delete the user as shown below.

User-added image


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