Desktop Studio Error: “Can't Get License Info”

The license server can be registered with XenDesktop either when XenDesktop is configured, or through the Change license server action on the Licensing node in Desktop Studio.

When the administrator specifies the address of the license server, Desktop Studio attempts to discover the License Configuration Service to allow more reading of license usage.

The error “Can’t get license info” appears if Desktop Studio cannot detect the License Configuration Service. The error does not signify that XenDesktop is not functioning as expected or that the users cannot connect to their desktops and applications.

For administrator authentication issues, only full administrators can connect to the License Configuration Service. Local administrators of the license server machine are implicitly full administrators of the License Configuration Service installed on that machine. Other full administrators can add the new administrators to the License Configuration service.

Some administrators setup on the License Configuration service might still experience problems when connecting to the service. This is generally because of the domain setup issues. The License Configuration Service uses Active Directory (AD) authentication to approve which users are allowed to retrieve license information. For this authentication process to work, either the license server must be in the same domain as the XenDesktop site, or there must be a two-way trust between both domains. Refer to Microsoft documentation for details on configuring trust relationships.


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