Device limit per user in Enrollment profiles not being enforced MAM-only

Custom Server Property for MAM Only Device Register Limit:

1. If the custom server property number.of.mam.devices.per.user exists, it is used as MAM Device Register Limit. If it is 0, there is no limitation.

2. The server property number.of.devices.per.user is used for MDM Device Enroll Limit. It is un-related and independent with MAM Device Register Limit. !screenshot-1.png|thumbnail!

3. When Device register request (/Citrix/Device/v1/Register) is received, the reigister is rejected if the current registered devices is already equal to/greater than the MAM Device Register Limit.

4. If the MAM device id already in the system, skip the checked

5. If the limitation is over, 409 is returned.

To do this, go to Server Properties, add a new Custom Server Property and set the property name to number.of.mam.devices.per.use . Set the value to the number you wish. If set to ‘0’, this will set it to unlimited. Save and restart the XMS server


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