FAQ: Citrix Insight Services (CIS)

Citrix Endpoint Management, using technology formerly called XenMobile

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions about Citrix Insight Services (formerly known as TaaS).


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Q: What is Citrix Insight Services?

A: Citrix Insight Services (formerly known as TaaS) is an initiative from Citrix focused on making the support of Citrix environment as easy as possible. Citrix has developed tools and online analysis capabilities to help collect environment information, analyze that information and receive tailored recommendations based on Citrix environment and configuration. The tools are focused on a single mission (data collection), and their impact to the environment is minimal in terms of disk space, prerequisites and performance impact during the data collection process.

Q: What is the cost to use Citrix Insight Services?

A: Citrix Insight Services is available to all customers who have signed up for a MyCitrix Account on Citrix.com. Our teams are actively working through customer and partner access models that might result in enhanced offerings in future releases of Citrix Insight Services; changes are published using the Citrix Insight Services news channels, discussed later in this FAQ.

Q: When will the Citrix Insight Services site be available?

A: Citrix Insight Services is online and available right now.

Q: What products are supported by Citrix Insight Services?

A: Citrix Insight Services currently provides analysis for Citrix XenDesktop (5.x and 7.x), Citrix XenApp (6.x), Citrix NetScaler, Citrix XenMobile and Citrix XenServer.

Q: Which browsers are supported by Citrix Insight Services?

A: Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are currently supported.

Q: How do I log on?

A: Use your Account credentials to log on at cis.citrix.com​.

Q: What do I do if I have forgotten my citrix.com password or do not have an account?

A: If you have forgotten your password or do not have an account, click the “Forgot your details?” or “Don’t have any?” link located just below the “Let’s Go” button on the Citrix Insight Services homepage.

Q: I am having problems with the Citrix Insight Services website. Who can I contact?

A: You can report issues you are having with the Citrix Insight Services website using the Citrix Insight Services Forum or by clicking the Feedback link at the bottom of the Citrix Insight Services home page. Provide a detailed description of your issue.

Q: How can I learn more and follow Citrix Insight Services development?

A: You can reach the Citrix Insight Services team using any of the following methods:

  • Twitter @CitrixSupport and @CitrixReadiness and @CitrixAS

  • E-mail at cis@citrix.com

  • Links from cis.citrix.com “Tools News” section of the site

  • Forum Support at Citrix Insight Services Forum

Citrix Insight Services plug-ins

Q: What is an Citrix Insight Services plug-in?

A: A plug-in is Citrix Insight Services module developed to identify known issues, best practices and performance optimizations that Automatically run for the uploaded product data.

Security considerations

Q: Will my data be secure?

A: To ensure the security of your data, the Citrix Insight Services site requires My Account on Citrix.com authentication, leverages HTTPS and MD5 checksum checking, and sends you emails after you successfully upload the file. All data is stored in a secure repository. Any industry data that might be presented to you is de-identified and merged into industry and product verticals to prevent disclosure of personal or company information.

Q: Can I delete my data after it has completed analysis?

A: Yes, the Citrix Insight Services workspace allows you to delete uploaded information. If your upload is associated with an open service request, you will not be able to delete the upload until the issue has been resolved and the service request is closed.

Q: Will my data be used for anything else?

A: By uploading your data to Citrix pursuant to the instructions on this website, you are agreeing that Citrix may store, transmit and use technical and related information about your use of Citrix products, including configuration information, number and types of users, error reports, features enabled, performance, version and patch management information, and non-personally identifiable usage statistics (“Collected Data”) to facilitate the provisioning of product updates, support, education, self-help tools, market assessment and analysis, product development, invoicing and online services. Collected Data is subject to Citrix’s Privacy Policy .

File uploading

Q: What requirements do I need to follow to upload a file?

A: Citrix Insight Services supports both Java and HTML5 based uploads. If your browser is HTML5 capable, this will be the default choice. If you do not have a HTML5 capable browser, you must install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or later on the computer. You can verify your version of Java JRE here. If you are collecting data from XenApp or XenDesktop, you can also upload the file directly from within the Scout Collection Tool – Citrix Scout.

Q: What’s the external range of IP addresses to add to the Firewall?

A: As of 08/26/2016, CIS is now using 3 IP addresses: / /

Q: Why am I requested to allow a Java applet to run when I try to upload?

A: Your browser is not HTML5 capable, and Java is the next choice for upload mechanism. The Java applet enhances the upload experience. Because most of the uploaded files are large, uploading the file by using HTTP is not ideal because it might cause the web browser to become unresponsive or timeout.

With the Java applet, Citrix Insight Services can provide:

  • The ability to display progress, upload speed, and estimated time remaining.

  • The ability to pause, resume, and stop uploads.

  • Data validation (MD5 checksum).

The Java applet must be trusted to run. To avoid viewing the security prompt in the future, select the Always trust option.

Q: What type of files can I upload?

A: You can upload the same type of files you have always uploaded, but only the files produced with one of our Collection Tools is supported for Citrix Insight Services analysis.

Q: What is the maximum file size I can upload?

A: A user has 20 GB of total available space for all uploads in CIS. Thus, an individual upload cannot exceed 20 GB.

Q: How will I know if my upload completed successfully?

A: After the upload completes, an email is sent to you. If your upload is part of a support case, the support representative working on your case will be notified as well (as long as you include the case number in the upload).

Q: I am getting an error when uploading a file. How do I fix this?

A: Move the mouse cursor over the error to get a detailed explanation. Here is a list of common error messages you might see:

  • Transaction expired or cancelled: Restart the upload by stopping and starting it again.

  • Content corrupted: If resuming the upload continues to present this message, restart the upload by stopping and starting it.

  • Server response 403: Refresh the page and select the file to upload again.

Q: Will I need to manually upload information to Citrix Insight Services or can the product Automatically send information to Citrix?

A: The Phone Home capability is now built into the NetScaler appliance, and the Citrix Insight Services team is currently working on building this service into other Citrix products. The Phone Home service intends to provide supported customers with regular Automated reviews of their environment. The service can also help to proactively identify problem scenarios prior to end user impact.


Q: How does Citrix Insight Services collect product and environment information?

A: Citrix has developed tools that make data collection “push button easy.” Information is collected and packaged ready to be uploaded to the Citrix Insight Services site. After you upload the file, the Citrix Insight Services analysis engine matches the data against the latest set of known issues. The collection tools are:

Q: What happens if the Citrix Insight Services site cannot identify my problem based on the information I have uploaded?

A: If the site is unable to identify an issue, supported customers are presented with an option to open a case online (support contract is required).


Q: Will someone contact me regarding the feedback I submit?

A: All feedback is carefully reviewed. Citrix will contact you if additional information is required. You can also post a message on the Citrix Insight Services Forum.


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